Hopefully, you should also have lots of users who are happy with your services and will stay with you, forming your core user base. Creating an app like Uber and saving money by choosing a vendor from a favorable outsourcing region is possible. If you decide to work with a company from Europe (like Addevice), you will have to pay $40/hour on average, thus reducing the price of app development to $100,000-$150,000. We talk about how to make an app like Uber not from theoretical knowledge but our own experience. Our company has successfully created an application for an existing taxi company. The main goal of our cooperation with GpsGamma was to create a fuel monitoring system.

how to make app like uber

If your tech stack is not JavaScript but PHP or Python, make sure you pick a reliable solution for your admin panel. You will need plenty of customization space and you will have to provide your developers with the tools to code additional modules on their own. Out-of-the-box solutions are easier and cheaper to use, but there is only a slim chance that the feature set they offer will be a 100% fit for your business. You don’t want to change the panel after your ridesharing app goes live. In the case of an app like Uber, that would be the drivers’ app. First, you need to think about how the service provider will be using your solution.

Car-sharing apps examples

Each of these interfaces has their own set of features that are tailored as per the needs of that particular type of user. Then, Uber finds a nearby driver and shows you the estimated time of the cab’s arrival. Our tailored solutions and formidable expertise make us the perfect ally for overcoming these hurdles.

how to make app like uber

So, as you contemplate your journey into the realm of ride-sharing or any app-based service, keep these core principles in mind. Who knows, you could be the one writing the next chapter in this ever-evolving industry. Uber is an on-demand ride-sharing app that revolutionized the business industry.

User Experience

The Uber mobile app development was formally released in 2010 for iOS app development. It is impressive that the app completed 20,000 rides and attracted 6,000 users in the first six months. Uber operates in more than 80 countries in 900+ cities custom ai solutions with a very handsome ROI. The smaller companies are following the pathway of uber for uber like app development and to generate a loyal customer base. Uber with its simple and easy-to-use features has earned great popularity across the globe.

  • Today’s ride-sharing apps have integrated payment systems, navigation aids, and even features to share your ETA with loved ones.
  • It would allow you to test your idea in the market and get the first customer feedback.
  • Creating an app like Uber for drivers requires careful consideration of these features to ensure a seamless experience for both drivers and passengers.
  • It should offer a straightforward and efficient way to manage rides and earnings, all the while keeping things as transparent as possible for everyone involved.
  • There are some features that are essential to launching an app.
  • From the business perspective, this requires a lot of capital, but it works and certainly attracts new customers.

Whether it’s insurance papers, licenses, or even your drivers’ favorite playlists (because why not?), having a centralized place to store and manage important documents is a godsend. So, we’ve taken a peek under the hood at the rider and driver apps. But who’s the puppeteer pulling the strings behind this elaborate performance? It’s the control center, the mission control, the wizard behind the curtain if you will. This is where the folks who run the ride-sharing service get to play maestro, orchestrating the entire operation with the flick of a mouse or the tap of a key.


Use it to get feedback from users and decide whether you want to invest more and build a comprehensive app or not. You may create a taxi-sharing app at no cost by using free app builders. These are self-service programs designed to help app creators without any coding skills to implement their idea. By choosing the right app builder, you can develop a functional app that you can even publish on app stores. With the cost estimate above, you might wonder if there was any chance for you to make an app like uber in Android.

So, if you’re ready to make your mark in the ride-sharing world, why not do it with a tech partner that assures quality, scalability, and innovation? With IntelliSoft’s mobile app development services, you’re not just investing in an app, but investing in a future full of possibilities. Hiring a well-oiled machine of a development team is the first thing you’ll have to budget for.

Essential Features of Driver Interface

There are many uber app source code provider companies that deliver custom apps in Android and iOS that are being imbibed with all essential features required for the startup. Also, uber app clone is fully white labelled so that customers can launch it under their own brand name, logo along with currency and language. But before you think that replicating the structure and technologies is a pathway to create a taxi app like uber then please get out of this misconception. It is always a great idea to talk to industry experts because they know the pulse of each marketing domain and can explain the challenges and solutions more precisely.

how to make app like uber

Real-time geolocation is crucial for navigating to the pick-up spot, following the best route to the destination, and for safety reasons. No one wants to end up in Nowhereville when they were supposed to be heading Downtown. Let them rate their drivers, write reviews, and show these ratings to prospective riders.

How to make an app like uber?

To build a taxi app, you will need a notification feature to communicate with your customers, and also for drivers and passengers to communicate with one another. As previously mentioned, you will need separate apps for both drivers and passengers, as well as an admin panel to communicate between the two and collect data. Before you study how to build an app like Uber, you first need to have a clear idea of the system’s main parts. All cab booking systems consist of two unique applications integrated through an admin panel. Here’s a look at the features of the different parts of the app.

how to make app like uber

It would be nice if these could also be added to Android homescreens in the future, especially for Huawei phones. With Live Activity, Uber presents a widget with more detail on your ride and expected arrival time. There’s also a services section that will offer you more information about community services. Some examples are the hottest places to eat, sights to see, and where you can rent scooters.

Why to Develop an App Like Uber?

Conduct market research to understand user demands and preferences. Create a detailed plan outlining features, functionalities, and monetization strategies. Seamless and secure payment options are crucial for an Uber-like app. Integration with popular payment gateways allows riders to pay for their trips directly within the app using credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or other supported payment methods. After completing a ride, riders should have the option to rate and provide feedback on their experience with the driver. This helps maintain service quality and allows future riders to make informed choices.

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The app should include features like an SOS button, emergency contact information, and an option to share trip details with trusted contacts for enhanced driver safety. Drivers should have access to a comprehensive earnings dashboard that provides details on their trip history, earnings, and incentives. The app should also facilitate seamless and secure payment processing, allowing drivers to receive their earnings directly into their bank accounts or digital wallets. This feature allows drivers to track the progress of their trip, ensuring that they stay on the right track and reach their destination efficiently. Real-time tracking also provides passengers with visibility of their driver’s location.

If you want to create the same, your application needs to be convenient, reliable, and professional. The cost of Uber clone app development depends upon innumerable features like architecture, app developer’s rate, innovative features, country, industry and several others. The hourly rate for the development of the taxi app solution varies from one place to another. For example, it is $ 50 to 100 in the UK, $ 40 to 80 an hour in Europe. So there would be additional maintenance cost incurred over the years.

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